Media Monopoly

As someone who has grown up influenced by the changing media industries of the world, it had never really occurred to me who was influencing the industries themselves, let alone how much influence they have over the media we absorb. As technology expands, “the free and undistorted flow of information” from our screens to our brains … More Media Monopoly

Pizza Planet?

Aside from wanting pizza now, this image was very thought-provoking to me. At first glance, this advertisement may look like a very lonely piece of broccoli pizza, however when using the theory of semiotics, it becomes so much more than that. The initial signifiers of the image to someone who was looking at it for the … More Pizza Planet?

Why I’m Here

So I’m here for my second year of University, starting the course BCM110 as one of my compulsory classes. Actually, all my classes are compulsory which is the technical reason of why I am doing this at the moment. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from BCM110, and I still don’t. However, … More Why I’m Here

Assignment 3: Submission link and references

Storify Link: References: Coppens, A 2014, Gamification Stuff We Love, GamificationNation, viewed 6th November 2015, <; Unknown, 2015, Syrian Journey: Choose Your Own Escape Route, BBC News, viewed 6th November 2015, <; Unknown, 2014, 3 Reasons why Journalists are wary of Gamification, Online Journalism Blog, viewed 6th November 2015, <; World Editor’s Forum 2015

Web Module Week 12/13 – Review of Old Assignment + Reflection on my Assignment #2

My tweet on the review can be found on my page: Longer review of Global Collaborative Journalism – This layout works really well because the information is backed up by examples such as videos, pictures, tweets and articles, allowing the reader to access further information if they wish to read or understand more. The good … More Web Module Week 12/13 – Review of Old Assignment + Reflection on my Assignment #2